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Social Commerce: Paytm goes the WeChat way, launches ‘Inbox’ with in-chat payments

Noida based digital payments firm Paytm on Friday launched ‘Inbox’, a messaging service that will allow consumers to chat with friends and family along with send or request for digital cash at the same time.


The messaging platform is encrypted end-to-end, and users can initiate private conversations and create group chats. They can also send photos and videos instantly or share their live location.


“We have realized that besides making payments, our users and merchants also like to communicate with each other.  There is a need for social messaging, commerce and payments seamlessly blending into one another,” said Deepak Abbot, Senior Vice President, Paytm.


Paytm Inbox is live on Android and will be available to iOS users soon. It also includes notifications, orders, and games.


It also allows users to recall their messages using a ‘Delete for All’ option.


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Under ‘Notifications’ users can see all cash-back offers available across all categories.


Under ‘Orders’ users can view their orders and transaction updates.

“Through “Paytm Inbox” you can chat, send and receive money effortlessly and securely. This will help us drive greater engagement on our platform and build a stronger bond with our customers,” Abbot added.

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