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How to give children with glasses


Dear mothers, are your children short sighted? Reason not to say, not only learn tired ~ now children's eyes staring at smart phones, iPad these electronic products, with less exercise, so, more and more myopic baby! Glasses you must consider, look at the handsome not wear glasses? Hey ~ ~ actually, choose glasses must choose for their own, not necessarily the price high is good. Zhi Lijun studied for a long time today, we sorted out some scientific glasses strokes! You see ~.

Matching glasses, should pay attention to these three points

We should choose a regular institution of optometry optometry, optometry to correct fitting a pair of suitable glasses. If young people under the age of 18 friends, but also the need for mydriatic optometry, to determine the true myopia and pseudomyopia.

Buy glasses is the age of the points, compared to younger children and adolescents should choose plastic resin glasses, because the plastic lens is not easy to be broken, for the lack of self protection experience of young children is relatively safe, try not to choose glass lenses.

In the selection of frames, general according to the children's face choose appropriate, safety, light weight, durable frames, general to plate type frame is better, and should notice hanging ear length, to increase the frame stability. Children are restless, so it will be accompanied by a chain, hanging in the neck.

The medical optometry, with good habits with the eyes

There are two ways of commercial glasses, optometry and medical optometry. The difference between the two is that, medical optometry, the purpose is not only the patient can see objects clearly, also can the eye care, let patients glasses can see, wearing glasses comfortable, even if read for a long time did not have sense of fatigue. And commercial glasses only through preliminary refraction on the patient's situation under the conclusion, making visual acuity and not a result of wearing glasses and corrected, and even cause eyesight to continue to drop.

The medical optometry clinical diagnosis is a dynamic process and procedure. The general situation of optometry, optometrists need to understand the patient's medical history, routine eye and systemic, and patients daily study life, hence the need for professional optometric physician diagnosis. After diagnosis of glasses is tailored to patients with a full range of, for the protection of visual acuity and correction have good effect, but at the same time, the patient also should develop good using eye habits, in order to prevent eyesight to drop. ? glasses myopia will deepen?

After glasses can prevent myopia continue to deepen? Visual acuity can be corrected to normal level after glasses? These problems are most concerned about the problem of myopia.

Actually, as long as the medical optometry optician, generally the visual acuity recovered to normal levels, and medical optometry is maximally improve the binocular visual function and therefore optician can help alleviate eye fatigue. But keep stable visual acuity patients need glasses after develop good habits with the eye, in a timely manner through rest alleviate eye fatigue, so as to better ensure vision correction effect.

To wear or not to wear? Depends on the degree of myopia

Many parents believe that children wear glasses after they do not pick it again, this is the wrong understanding. In general, younger than 12 years old children suffering from myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, should always wear glasses; teenagers above 100 degrees of myopia or hyperopia, simple astigmatic patients above 75 degrees, as usual with an eye to more, eye ciliary muscle function is not stable, eye fatigue, both to see far or near, in principle should often wears a pair of glasses. But this does not mean that children wear glasses will never be picked again. In fact, some of the children with ametropia degree is not too high hyperopia and astigmatism, grow up with the eye and visual function development, there is hope to completely remove glasses; after the children grow up, the eye and the visual function development is perfect, if myopia degree is not too high, I think he doesn't wear glasses what there is no discomfort, can not often wear glasses, or not wearing a watch nearby, see afar (such as movies or games) to wear; and hyperopia is not too high in patients, such as watching the distant clear, near visual fatigue symptoms (such as eye soreness, astringent, paroxysmal blurred vision), can wear glasses to see nearby, not wearing away.

Now, so many electronic products, but to pay attention to vision oh! The latest research data show that one hour of daily increase in outdoor activities, can effectively reduce the probability of occurrence of myopia. In order to protect our most precious "window of the soul", it may be in the spare time to go outdoors "candy"!

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