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The ancient water chestnut preservation technology


Water chestnut horseshoe, Li, taro and other birds. The edible bulb is crisp and juicy, cooked food, raw food can, with stomachic, expectorant, antipyretic and other effects. Water chestnut harvest, farmers in accordance with the following simple method can effectively extend the shelf life of water chestnut, increase the sales value of the products.

Water chestnut pithos storage after harvest, remove the corm epidermis of dirt and debris, eliminate disease, injury corm, spreading on brick 12 to 15 days, after proper drying, water chestnuts placed indoor pottery in (not available pickled vegetable's pithos, pithos should be placed in dry and ventilated place). Each cylinder storage capacity of about 80 to 100 kilograms, the full water chestnut storage taogang mouth seal. Must pay attention to is: storage in water chestnut pithos strong during the initial respiration in the shall be uncover the cylinder head, to facilitate ventilation breathable, sporadic cylinder water; in the rainy season, because of the high humidity in the air, in water chestnut with water will rapidly increase, should be timely uncovering wet discharged; burning hot and humid season, due to faster evaporation of water to time stamped, to prevent water chestnut corms in vivo moisture evaporation caused by dry rot. In the process of storage, every 25 ~ 30 days shall taogang within the water chestnuts turning a check. According to the above storage method, water chestnut preservation period up to more than half a year.

Sand storage water chestnut harvest, in a cool house or in the basement, with brick a burial pit, in the pit at the bottom of the first shop 5 ~ 7 cm thick sand, water chestnut corms arrangement of dry sand, it must cover sand 3 ~ 4 cm, sand again according to the above method discharge water chestnut corm, accordingly stacks, but the total stack height of not more than 1 meter. This method has a good effect on storage and preservation.

Quickly immersed in sodium hypochlorite solution storage the water chestnut harvest to miscellaneous bulbs after cleaning storage. According to the test, the use of the storage, at the temperature of 0 ~ 2 C and the relative humidity of 98% ~ 100% of the storage environment and corm preservation period up to 10 months, in 5 DEG C storage shelf-life of up to 6 to 8 months.

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