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The new drama let enterprise dance


Innovative city of Shenzhen to further promote the structural reform of the supply side, in order to implement the country's major strategic economic zone to make greater contributions. Let Shenzhen so emboldened to make a series of deployment is Shenzhen creative vitality of the corporate groups, and accelerate the construction of integrated innovation eco system, is for the growth of this group provide inexhaustible creativity driving force.

Innovation into enterprise endogenous nuclear power"

At present, Shenzhen has more than 3 scientific and technological enterprises, accounting for 60% of Guangdong science and technology enterprises, of which there are 5524 national high-tech enterprises, the domestic and foreign exchange listed companies in Shenzhen more than 300.

Thanks to a sound industrial chain and a sound business environment, Shenzhen enterprises followed the innovative heritage, the formation of the "force me to innovate to I want to innovate" endogenous type change. Relying on this powerful enterprise group, the pace of innovation in Shenzhen, a powerful, innovative results in an endless stream.

 Outsiders in evaluating the innovation phenomenon in Shenzhen, mentioned four "90%", 90% of the R & D institutions set up in the enterprise, more than 90% of the R & D personnel concentrated in enterprises, more than 90% of the R & D funding sources in enterprises, more than 90% of the duty invention patents from the enterprise. 90% "4" reflects the main status of Shenzhen enterprises in independent innovation, is the most prominent feature of Shenzhen's independent innovation system. According to statistics, in terms of government funding, Shenzhen financial science and technology funds to invest nearly 70% enterprises, the annual number of enterprises to undertake science and technology projects accounted for 50% of the total number of projects, more than 70% of innovative carrier layout in the enterprise.

 By strengthening the dominant position of enterprise innovation, efforts to increase supply of technical innovation, and give full play to the role of main force in scientific and technological innovation activities of enterprises in technological innovation decision-making, R & D investment, scientific research organization and transformation, Shenzhen has gradually formed a "big business" indomitable spirit and small enterprises "overwhelming" development pattern.

 at present, a number of industry leading enterprises is becoming an important business card of Shenzhen innovation driven development, Huawei is the world's largest mobile communications equipment company and the three intelligent mobile phone manufacturers; BYD is the world's only at the same time with new energy battery and vehicle production capacity of enterprises; BGI is the world's largest genome science research institutions and gene sequencing services platform; Xinjiang science and technology has occupied the consumer grade man-machine 70% of global market share; soft Yu technology successfully developed the world's thinnest flexible color display; Huaxun ark company success developed the world's first block of graphene terahertz chip...

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